Working for HMRC

Chief Executive of Corporate Tax Reduction (Formal Title: Chief Executive of HMRC)

To submit your application please answer the following questions. Your answers will be used to assess your suitability for the role of the nation’s best corporate tax planner.

Do you believe that HMRC should chase after small tax offenders, while letting big corporations off the hook?

Do you agree with this statement: "HMRC should prosecute HSBC for its alleged involvement in advising its rich clients how to evade British tax, via its Swiss subsidiary." Source

Would you like to receive a Knighthood after a few years of work? Source

Do you have experience of negotiating with big tech companies so they pay only a 2.5% tax rate? Source

Do you agree with this sentence: "HMRC acted in the best interest of British taxpayers by letting Vodafone 'avoid' a reported £6 billion in unpaid taxes." Source

Would you like a cushy job as a tax advisor to one of Britain’s biggest corporations after you stand down from your job at HMRC? Source

HMRC helps Britain’s biggest corporations dodge paying their fair share. We’ve just laid off thousands of staff, but are looking for a new Chief Executive paid in 6 figures and with a gold plated pension. We are a major reason why big corporations get away with paying so little.

Do you think you have what it takes to let Britain’s biggest businesses dodge paying their fair share?

This is a spoof job site to highlight the role of HMRC in helping Britain’s biggest business avoid paying their fair share of tax. By hitting ‘send’ you will be sending your spoof ‘application’ for the role of Chief Executive at HMRC to George Osborne in the Treasury. To find out more about SumOfUs please visit